Arabic Language Programs Unit

The main purpose of the Arabic language unit at the CEC is to serve the Arabic language and continually strive to boost the language among the native speakers in the local community.  We also strive to disseminate the language among the non-native speakers inside and outside the country. The unit also executes Al Ain Test to measure proficiency in the Arabic Language for Arabic speakers.

Fields of services provided by the unit:

  •  Manage and execute Al Ain test to measure proficiency in Arabic Language for Arabic speakers, UAEU students and all who require it.

  • Organize courses in Arabic language skills for Arabic speakers, such as)functional writing, effective oral communication and quick reading.

  • Modern Standard Arabic for Non-Native speakers (Beginners and intermediate)

  • Attract students and scholars from around the world to teach them the contemporary Arabic language communication skills.

  • Provide scientific consultations, workshops and design scientific research on Arabic language issues, teaching methods and design curriculum for organizations to meet their specific needs.


For more details click here Alain Arabic Language Proficiency Test click here. .

Mar 13, 2017