CEC Message

Mission Statement:

To provide highly applied and engaging, context-based professional training programs, consultations and international exams to organizations and individuals of all ages. To meet the demands of a changing professional and educational landscape, we ensure that our learners are equipped with the latest developments in their respected fields. Owing to its large number of highly qualified trainers from around the globe, CEC is well positioned to provide the wider public access to distinguished training opportunities that are impactful and innovative.


CEC Vision:

Leadership in providing lifelong learning

Core Values:

  • Accountability

  • Working professionally

  • Excellence

  • Integrity

  • Teamwork


Strategic Goals:

  • Promoting community integration by building strategic partnerships with the public and private sectors throughout the country

  •  Empowering segments of the community with internationally recognized training courses and exams

  •  Extending the knowledge of UAEU's Faculty from the nine colleges to the UAE community

Nov 13, 2016