Professional and Business Unit (PBU)

The Professional and Business Unit offers a variety of modern, certified courses. In addition to all the courses being accredited from UAEU, PBU offers training courses that are accredited from the British Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). The unit intends to prepare and hold managerial programs of an intermediate and advanced level for government, vocational and private sector employees.

PBU also offers the following services:

  • Administrative consultation
  • Designing educational materials
  • E-learning

Fields of services provided by the unit:

  • Human Resource Management (Recruitment skills, delegation of authority, staff enabling and integration and others)

  • Management and supervision (Strategic planning, total quality management, performance management and others)

  • Accounting and Finance (Fiscal balance, financial reporting, financial intelligence, accounting for non-accountants, internal auditing and evaluation and others)

  • Sales and marketing (Marketing principles, managerial and financial anti-corruption and others)

Oct 19, 2016