Science & Technology Training Unit (STT)

The Science & Technology Unit offers programs and courses designed for government, vocational and private sectors as well as for entrepreneurs. Within our capacity, we are able and experienced to execute customized and specialized programs/courses to meet specific needs. Over the years, we have successfully delivered many programs for different organizations.

Fields of services provided by the unit:

  • IT
    • Programming Courses, Multimedia Courses, Networking, MS Office Courses, ICDL Training, IC3 Training, Social Media for All.
  • Engineering
    • Aerodynamics and Aeromechanics – Intermediate level
    • Heat Exchanger Design and Selection
    • HVAC system and Fundamentals of Air Distribution
    • Mechanical Simulation using ANSYS – beginners level
    • Thermodynamics of Aircraft Engine

  • Agriculture
    • Animal Endoscopy
    • Horse Diseases
    • Infectious Diseases in Animals (camels, horses, cows, sheep and goats)
    • Ruminant  (camels, cows, sheep and goats)  Diseases
    • Aquaculture

  • Science

    • Measurements uncertainties good laboratory practice.

    • Health & Safety and Safe laboratory Practices in Sewage Treatment Laboratory.

    • Practical statistical analysis of Laboratory data

    • Diagnosis of plant pathogenic fungi and bacteria and others.

Oct 19, 2016