Social and Society Program Unit (SSP)

The objective of SSP is to prepare and carry out social, humanitarian and educational training programs to the wider community.  In addition, SSP facilitates legal courses on the subject of human, woman and children rights and the personal status law. 

As part of our commitment, we cooperate and coordinate with the government and private sectors to study and evaluate their training needs and execute training programs.

We are also highly experienced in providing training consultations, producing and accrediting training materials.

Fields of services provided by the unit:

  • Psychological (Family counseling, behavioral modification, charismatic character, body language and others.)

  • Social (Social services, preparatory certificates for researchers, art of parenting, social issues and others.) 

  • Special education (Behavioral analysis for autistic individuals, welfare of the gifted and others.) 

  • Educational (Student mentoring and guidance, student communication skills, active learning environment and others.)

  • Culture and history

  • Law and Security (Personal status law, human rights and others.)

Oct 19, 2016